Thunderbird Storage

Truck for a Buck

$1 moving truck

Take advantage of this great move-in special. To help you move in, Thunderbird will provide the use of our moving truck for a buck ($1) when you rent one of our storage units.

This is just one more way of saying how much we value your business and want you as our guest. Talk to one of our friendly staff members for full details.

Some restrictions apply, so stop by or call for details!

Need extra space? We’ve got it! Need Quality storage? We’ve got it! At Thunderbird Storage we understand your storage needs. We know that there are many reasons why the community has chosen us for storing their belongings. Whatever your reason may be – easy access, our convenient location, or affordable storage, Thunderbird Storage is dedicated to making your storage experience a pleasant one. When you need extra space, come visit us. We’re a clean and convenient storage facility.

Thunderbird Storage is the perfect solution for making your big move. Not only do we have safe and secure units, we have enough space to store an entire home! You can’t very well get your house in order without a little extra room to maneuver. Having some place to store your possessions while you move and get settled is a must. Whether you need moving storage as a temporary or a long term solution, Thunderbird has just the plan for you.